Vegan Food meets Art
A photographer and his art director/food stylist.
Because we love it!

We: Jan & Ellen – work together in the food photo industry for many years. Shooting for clients, developing concepts, producing videos. This little page here represents our personal creative sanctuary. No compromises, no boundaries, and lots of great food!

We promote a Vegan Lifestyle positively and playfully – marrying art and whimsy with a movement.

As you can tell from our recipes, we started this project just on the verge of changing our diet to a completely whole food plant-based one. So there are some vegetarian recipes from our past, however, there are many great vegan recipes yet to come!

Who is it meant for?

Everybody who is looking for something new, entertaining, and inspiring

What can you expect?

  • Fun with recipes – food films and photo series where the recipe is the outline for a story. We take you through a surrealistic world, in outer space or parallel universes. The ingredients themselves become alive and tell the story.
  • Food Art – from subject to statement. We take inspiration from painters, famous photographers, movies, fashion designers, nature, or anything else which catches our attention and channel it into projects & series.
  • Behind the scenes – here we show how we create our projects. It’s always fun and interesting to peek behind the curtains…
  • Our ever-expanding E-Shop with lots of great T-Shirts, Bags, and many more. All products are designed with our unique art. Printed eco-friendly, sustainable. High-Quality vegan and organic textiles. Carbon-free delivered in plastic-free packaging.
  • And many more things which we even don`t know about yet…as we are just about to start ;)

By the way – in the spirit of sustainability, no food gets thrown away at our productions and everything gets eaten up! Although we love to play with our food we would never let it go to waste :)

Welcome to our playground,

Welcome to FOODLYdoodlyDOO :)

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