Visuals – lots of them.
A photographer and his art director/food stylist.
Because we love it!

We: Jan & Ellen – work together in the food photo industry since years. Shooting for clients, developing concepts, producing videos. This little page here represents our personal creative sanctuary. No compromises, no boundaries and lots of great food!

As you can tell from our recipes, we started this project being just on the verge of changing our diet to a completely whole food plant based one. So there are some vegetarian recipes from our past, however there are many great vegan recipes yet to come!

What can you expect?

  • Lots of great, hand picked and tested plant based whole foods recipes.
  • Lots of photos and videos on the never ending quest for a new perspective – a unique point of view.
  • And many more things which we even don`t know about yet…as we are just about to start ;)

Welcome to our playground!

Text? well not so much but – yes, if necessary and then to the point.

Welcome to FOODLYdoodlyDOO :)

By the way, here our business websites:


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