Making of “Open-Faced Spring Garden Sandwich”

Creating the Ostara Fairies out of vegetables, ringing in the spring season.

Celebrating the coming of spring! In this making-of video for “open-faced spring garden sandwich”, you can see how we created our own version of the ancient Ostara Fairies. The shooting took just one day. However, the preparation for it was a bit more elaborate.

Ellen had to create a carcass out of wire as a base for this lovely spring fairy as you can see very nicely in this making of “Open-Faced Spring Garden Sandwich”-video. Afterward, she covered it with fresh vegetables, eatable flowers, and micro herbs. Ellen blanched the vegetables beforehand so that the fresh colors would be more vivid. Also thanks to the blanching, the colors and freshness would last longer. Sewing the dress together from slices of asparagus was a challenge on its own…

Many people think that working with food on a photo or video set means also that it has to be prepped with special sprays, oils, or glues that render the food inedible once the shooting is done. This is not the case at our productions! The only thing we might use to enhance the look is a bit of olive oil or water. One of our main principles is that we never throw food away! Everything we shoot gets eaten right after the production. This is actually one of the best parts of being a food photographer :).

So in this case we really had to hurry up with the shooting, once the statue was ready. Not so much because the vegetables would get bad so quickly. The bigger problem is that with fresh vegetables and especially eatable flowers and micro herbs – they tend to fade away very quickly. Especially when standing under a spotlight. During the shoot, we frequently sprayed it with fresh, cold water so that it held up a bit longer.

We hope you enjoy this video – and if you want to see the finished recipe video, here`s a link: Vegan Open-Faced Spring Garden Sandwich Recipe

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