Making of “The Broccoli Christmas Tree”

the ghost of Christmas past…

Take a look at our: Making of “The Broccoli Christmas Tree”. Our yearly challenge of creating a new and hopefully, unique, and creative Christmas Card. This time we decided to create this delicious vegan Christmas tree made completely out of Broccoli. Decorated with leek lametta, carrot balls, pineapple stars, and pomegranate ornaments.

The preparation took about one day, which compared to our usual productions is actually quite fast. It probably was also due to the fact that this time we decided on just a single photo, not a video or photo series… As a little tip – when working with vegetables it is best to Blanche them. For one, the natural colors will pop out and it makes the veggies easier to work with.

We tried a couple of different backgrounds and props and decided on the most minimalistic since the tree itself should be the “Star of the show”…

A Christmas Tree made out of Broccoli and decorated with carrots, pineapple and pomgranate

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