Light And Shadows

A photographers bread and butter…

cliché, cliché, cliché – true, but also the reality. One which we are faced with on a daily basis. That counts not only for photographers by the way. Light and shadows is all anyone has actually…But I fear that this is becoming far to philosophically far too soon.

On a much brighter note (I intend to stretch this “light and shadows” metaphor as far as I can, you see), working in a photo studio, at least we get to be in control. Trying and failing until one sees finally the light at the end of the tunnel (could be better, I know…just bare with me…).

Cheese cubes on a grape skeleton. Depicted in harsh light and deep shadows.

What I really enjoy most about food photography, besides the great food of course, is that you are basically starting out with a clean canvas and a vision of how to fill it. Gradually adding objects together. Setting the light and the atmosphere. A bit tweaking around here and there. Until everything falls together nicely and a new photo is brought to light from the shadows of your imagination (you see, it`s getting a bit better there…).

Painting away with food and light in our little studio fills one with a certain feeling of fulfillment, I have to say. Having worked in almost every area of photography, from celebrity over to reportage, portrait and then architecture. Food photography, at least in my humble opinion, gives you really total control over your subject matter. You are able to construct a whole world around it with very few limitations…

Four round casserole dishes and three forks displayed on two adjusting egg cartons. three of the dishes are filled with a spinach millet casserole. Depicted in a harsh contrast light with deep shadows

Well, so it`s about time to stop contemplating the immortality of the May beetle and actually get to work! Embarking on new creative endeavors. Fresh ideas and tasty food awaits the one who seizes the day. It’s always darkest before the dawn (maybe I have been taking this a bit to far…). However I hope you get my point, even though I might have lost it along the way…

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