The Garlic Gladiator

Our very own Veggiehero!

Superfoods and superheroes are everywhere right now, so we created our very own Veggiehero, a Gladiator made completely out of Garlic!

Bursting with nutrients, Garlic contains compounds with potent medicinal properties. The list of health benefits is long, from boosting our immune system over lowering blood pressure to strengthening the bone density and fighting cancer – it even has anti-aging effects! If you are interested in a more detailed description of the main benefits, here is a link to an article posted on This tasty vegetable is a real superhero. Proving once and for all that food can be healthy and taste deliciously!

However, even the toughest Veggiehero has an ache from time to time. Superfood can go a long way, but a little exercise here and there will get you even further :)

We hope that you will enjoy watching this little video! The next Veggiehero will be coming soon…

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