Vegan Propaganda, old posters new look!

Recreating well known propaganda posters with veggies.

Playing around on the “dark side” of art. The art of influencing peoples minds and actions. Everybody knows the classic propaganda posters with striking images and catchy slogans like “We can do it!”. So we thought why not try to recreate and re-phrase them in the spirit of plant based whole foods….

It was quiet a challenge I can tell you. Although Ellen had probably the most work with it, as ever so often. Carving out the veggies and putting it all together like a puzzle.

By the way, just as a piece of advice – it really helps to blanche the veggies beforehand. They will keep the natural color much longer without oxidizing.

The most work was probably putting together the last image which is entirely made out of legumes and seeds. Just one slight sneeze and it`s – start all over again. Well and what you can see here is the outcome of our labor. Finally, our very own Vegan propaganda posters.

Stylized Propaganda poster spelling "Vegan Power". A hand is stretched out and holding a carrot in the fist.   The stylization made out of carved out vegetables: Red and yellow Beetroot and parsley root

By the way, whilst playing around with our very own vegan propaganda, it occurred to me that the line between art and propaganda is becoming blurrier the closer you look at it. One even may argue that many of the most known and well established pieces of art and craftsmanship are basically works of propaganda.

Just think of Alexander the Great putting statues of himself all over his great empire as well as coins depicting his portrait. Symbolizing his presents everywhere in his vast empire. Similarly the stunning images and frescoes which you find in Churches and Cathedrals. All undoubtedly great pieces of art but also made with the clear purpose of spreading and reinforcing a certain ideology.

Good propaganda is a good story – there is an enemy and then there is the hero. The better it is told the harder it is to differentiate…

Stylized Propaganda poster spelling "Shape your body with plant-based protein" in this version an athletic looking man is depicted holding a black smith`s hammer in his stretched out hand about to strike on a sword he holds with his other hand  Stylization is made out of legumes and seeds: Black lentils (Beluga), chickpeas, red beans, quinoa, green lentils, black beans, white beans, black sesame seeds, golden linseed, sunflower seeds.

Here`s how we did it. More behind the scenes of this project you can see here: behind-the-scenes/making-of-vegan-propaganda

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