When Fashion meets Food

who thought that veggies could be so glamorous..?

When Fashion meets food is a topic which we actually are playing around with since a couple of years. As you can see in one of our older posts “Fashion Food”.

However, this time we went a step further… We made the leap out of the plate and into the three dimensional world. Where food actually meets with real fashion pieces. Replacing the model with veggies but still containing the silhouette, which as you might imagine is a lot more complicated.

Luckily we have quite a lot of pieces left over from our fashion museum. A project from years ago where we presented fashion from the 1920’s till 80’s in the context of social and political events. The corset, handbag, and white top are actually hand made pieces. Tailored by my extremely talented partner Ellen.

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Fashion meets food, veggie sculpture doing her make up with white and red striped handbag.
Fashion meets food. A laced dress from the 1950's is laied out on the floor and filled with peaches.

As much as I love food photography, I feel that most of the time what’s really missing is the human touch. Something that the viewer can connect with on a deeper level. After all, what people really are interested in are other people. So what we have created here is hopefully the missing link between both worlds.

We have been mixing different styles of fashion photography together, with and without “model” and are already working on the next images for this series. Altogether 4 images from this series are also our homage to Horst P. Horst – one of the great fashion photographers of his time. We recaptured this iconic image in our “foodlydoodlydoo”-style 🙃😄

The most intriguing part of this project is probably the challenge of arranging or rather sculpting the produce in a way that on the first glance it would resemble an actual person. Which, I can tell you, is really not easy. The photo below for example took us about 18 hours of work to put together the whole scene. By the way we are keen on using as little photoshop and post production techniques as possible. We hope that you’ll enjoy our work and are looking forward to creating the next veggie fashion photos!

Fashion meets Food. A figure made out of cabbage, cauliflower and celery root resembling a woman sitting cross legged with her right hand covering her head from the harsh light falling on her. Her shadow falling on the wall behind her.
Fashion meets Food. Six summer hats in different colors and shapes are put together, lit in afternoon summer light. On them there are strawberries, blueberries, cherries and raspberries as well as a dish of ice cream arranged.
Fashion meets Food. A bullet bra is laying on a bed spread barely covering a red colored peach.
Fashion meets Food. Salad heads, celery and leeks are put together with a white long evening dress and white gloves. In a way that they resemble the figure of a women leaning elegantly looking to the side.
Fashion meets Food. eggplants, aubergines put together the figure of a women leaning elegantly out a door overlooking the ocean. Hat with summer dress.

Like what you see? Get our photos as high-quality printable files!
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